12 Most Beautiful Churches in the World

Churches have long been considered among society’s most essential and spectacular structures since they are created and built to hold religious ceremonies and elicit and inspire God’s adoration. This is because religious leaders constructed huge buildings with spires soaring to the heavens and gigantic facades decorated in biblical themes to depict God’s grandeur and strength.

Aesthetics have changed over the decades and millennia, with Romanesque and Gothic architecture giving way to Renaissance and Baroque elements. The gleaming gems and sublime artworks housed within their chapels and naves evolved with the years. These exquisite cathedrals are now some of the most important architectural and historical landmarks in the world, attracting millions of worshippers and tourists each year.

12.Our Lady of the Rocks

Our Lady of the Rocks is located on a little islet in the Bay of Kotor, with beautiful mountains rising all around it. According to legend, the artificial island was constructed over time by sailors throwing rocks into the harbor to thank the Madonna for their safe return.

While the church and its beautiful setting make for great images, the interior is no less impressive. This is due to the stunning paintings on the walls by the 17th-century baroque artist Tripo Kokolja, the most famous of whom is The Death of the Virgin.


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