7 New Wonders Of The World

A Swiss charity started a search for the New Seven Wonders of the World in 2000. Since just one of the original Seven Wonders—the Pyramids of Giza—remains standing, the list was created in the second century BCE, thus it seemed appropriate for an update. It seems that individuals everywhere concurred, since almost 100 million votes were made via text message or the Internet. When the final results were revealed in 2007, there were both cheers and jeers because several well-known candidates, including the Acropolis in Athens, were eliminated. What do you think of the updated list?

1.Great Wall of China

Perhaps “great” is an understatement. The Great Wall of China, one of the biggest architectural projects in history, is generally believed to be 5,500 miles (8,850 km) long; nevertheless, a disputed Chinese research asserts that the actual length is 13,170 miles (21,200 km). The work started in the seventh century BCE and went on for two thousand years. For long periods, the structure consists of two parallel walls, despite being referred to as a “wall.” The barrier is also dotted with barracks and watchtowers. Nevertheless, the wall’s efficiency was one of its drawbacks. The wall was intended to deter invasions and raids, but in practice it was not very effective in preventing them. Rather, academics have pointed out that it functioned more as “political propaganda.”


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