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10 Glamorous Footballers’ Wives Shaping 2023

Football players are seldom off the field of play, thus it is uncommon to see them with a significant other. Here, we learn more about the spouses and girlfriends of the world’s top football players.

The top 10 footballers’ WAGS are listed below:

1. Antonela Roccuzzo, Lionel Messi’s wife

Antonela is the ideal illustration of how women support every successful man. She has been by his side ever since his early years, when he had little. The wife of world champion Lionel Messi, Antonela Roccuzzo, is ranked as the sexiest woman of 2023.

In 2008, Messi made his love affair with Antonela public. They wed in 2017 and are parents to three lovely children. Ciro Messi Roccuzzo was born in 2018, Mateo Messi, their second son, arrived on Earth in September 2015, and Thiago Messi was born in 2012.

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